Jobs in Thailand

Often many foreigners will teach English in Thailand as an ESL/TEFL/TESOL teacher. TEFL teaching is also very fun. This is because there is lots of work available. Another reason is that there is a rule that foreigners can only do the jobs that the Thai’s cannot.


Teach Where?

In Thailand there are an abundance of teaching jobs available for the foreigners. You can work at many institutions including government schools, private schools, international schools and language schools.

Teaching Requirements

Schools have their own specific requirements such as international schools – at an international schools teachers are often required to have a teaching license issued to them from their own country.

The curriculum either follows the English or American. 

In the government schools in Thailand, it is quite easy to get a job teaching conversational English or English as a second language.

The only requirements are that you are have studied up to degree level and hold a bachelors certificate alongside and TEFL certificate.

There are many agents recruiting teachers, expect the salary to be around 33000 thb per month. When considering teaching in Thailand, please remember there isn’t much of a bonus system. You will have to pay for flights and visa’s.

Language Schools in Thailand

Language schools usually take on workers. These can be from any country but must have a good grasp of the English Language.

Generally an unstable job as the language teachers are only needed to cater for the amount of students they have, and sometimes they might not have any. Long contracts are not available.


Jobs in Thailand and ESL Jobs of this kind, are searchable on the internet.  here you can see new job offers everyday. Check it out. And if you fancy another country you could always think about China.