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Teaching English Language (TEFL) can be a challenge, but if you take this challenge on and win, who knows where you could be this time next year with your new job you could become a teacher in Thailand, Cambodia, Africa, China, Korea, South America. To teach English abroad is easy. There are many English language learners waiting for you. Become a teacher today.

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Do you have what it takes to teach abroad? Are you able to leave your friends and family for one or more years, so you can experience an adventure of a lifetime.

What qualifications do you hold? Some countries require specific qualifications to gain a work-visa and become a teacher. Having a degree (in any field) always gives you an advantage with this job.

Do you have experience? Experience working with children is often desirable, with experience comes higher salaries. If you haven’t worked with children before, volunteer to get that true feeling of working with children. Having a job with children requires patience, but you can do it.

There are many international TEFL courses based all over the globe, should you decide to go abroad and teach, it might be a great idea to book onto a short course. This will inevitably help you with your teaching and can increase your skill. CELTA and DELTA course are very good courses, and you can learnt lots of teaching practice skills. Make sure you review your TEFL course and check that it is accredited by an educational establishment like the British Council.

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Are you fun? Are you easy-going? Are you from a native country? Do you want to do something different with your life – today? If the answers are yes, yes, and YES. Then please continue on our site to find job opportunities that will change your life when you become a teacher.